Rembrandt Studio Portrait Background


Our 16″X20″ Rembrandt digital studio portrait template background features classic Rembrandt tones and variations. A beautiful studio background. This is a digital background and requires an extracted portrait image.
Portrait not included. Shown for example only. Watermark will be removed when purchased.
Click image to see full size in lightbox.


Our 16″X20″ Rembrandt digital studio portrait background. You can use this design for 16″X20″ or 8″X10″ size portraits. You can scale this up or down to use on smaller and larger size portraits including 4″X5″, 24″X30″, and 32″X40″. Can be used horizontally for family portraits or groups, too.


  • 16″X20″ Vertical Default Size
  • 300DPI Image Size
  • Digital Studio Photo Background
  • JPEG file for Easy Use
  • Photoshop CS4 and Higher Compatible


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